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15 February 2014 :

The Cambridge School Winterfest 2014   was held on February 15. It began with Mrs Sunita Chowdhary, the Principal’s inaugural address welcoming Mr Shoojit Sircar, the renowned film director and a TCS parent, as Chief Guest. Prizes and scholarships were then distributed to deserving students. The Cambridge Brilliance Awards for India-toppers were received by Sarjeel Yusuf for Economics and Rahul Arattuculam for Computing.

2014 is being celebrated the world over as William Shakespeare, the English playwright’s, 450th birth anniversary. Thus, The Cambridge School, decided to stage adaptations of three of Shakespeare’s well known plays for their 2014 Winterfest. The Junior School, Classes Nursery to III, presented ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ followed by the Middle School, Classes IV to VII’s, ‘Macbeth’. Finally, Classes VIII to XII presented ‘The Tempest’. This was a fun and active way to learn about the literature of the great bard - in fact, it was literature, dance and drama all rolled into one. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves preparing and presenting these adaptations.

The evening concluded with the ‘As You Like It’ dances presented by the AS and A2 classes. The dances were choreographed by the students themselves. ‘The Last Gift’ by the AS class needs special mention. It was a beautiful story, about love shared, told through dance. The A2 class presented a variety of well-choreographed, innovative dances which were well-choreographed. The Cambridge School has a talented group of senior students.

The hall was packed to capacity with eager parents watching their children sing, dance and act. Many senior students watched their friends sing and dance. There were appreciative cheers from students for their friends on stage. There was warmth and fellowship all around with one and all in a festive mood in the last few days of winter.

8 February 2013 :

Winterfest 2013  was a wonderfully colourful and joyous affair showcasing the manifold talents of TCS students of all ages. Mrs Sunita Chowdhary, Principal, inaugurated the event with her welcome speech for the guest of honour Mr Sanjay Wadvani, the Deputy British High Commissioner for Eastern India who took out time from his busy schedule to congratulate and distribute a very large number of prizes and scholarships. Nishant George Agarwal and Aditya Pradhan were applauded in particular for having won the prestigious Cambridge Brilliance Awards.

The theme for this year’s production was Calcutta and the junior school children presented a beautiful dance-drama celebrating the different cultural festivals observed in the city. It was a happy affair of showing unity and how little children in their own way make their bonds of friendship irrespective of faith, something that adults tend to forget nowadays. Tiny tots dancing to classical music and singing “Deck the Halls” dressed in Santa hats melted the hearts of the entire audience.

The middle school then focused on the historical aspect of Calcutta and through their play, showed how the city carries on the legacies of Rabindranath Tagore, Satyajit Ray and Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose. Institutions like Vishwabharati University and popular hangouts like Trincas on Park Street as well as the Indian Coffee House helped shape the culture of the city into what it is today.

The senior school made an extremely entertaining “Divine Comedy” on how the ancient Hindu gods are pleasantly surprised as to the extent to which Kolkata has changed physically and culturally over the centuries. Their skit had the audience rolling as Narada a.k.a. “Narry” experienced disco culture first hand and showed Lord Indra that he could do the moves as well as anyone!  The A level performance began with a tribute to Mrs Nonda Chatterjee, past Principal. The dances signified the hope for change and a better future for Kolkata. Cultural synthesis (the main goal of an international school) and harmony was celebrated as the evening ended with great fanfare and ado.


11 February 2012 :

On the evening of the 11th of February, 2012, The Cambridge School celebrated their ninth WinterFest at Vidya Mandir. This year’s show revolved around the idea of ‘Seasons’ – the four seasons of ‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Autumn’ and ‘Winter’ – as depicted through the lifetime of Man. 

The Winterfest was opened by the Principal Mrs. Sunita Chowdhary who extended a warm welcome to guests, students and the extended TCS family.

The Junior School started the show with ‘Spring’ – fun journey through a magical land where witches, wizards and royalty came together. The little angels on the stage drove home the point that there lay inherent talent in all children.

The Middle School brought the warmth of ‘Summer’ through their production of ‘Pied Piper’. The young thespians sang and danced through the play and yet imparted the vital message – there is virtue and goodness in all children – it is for us adults to bring out the virtuous side of children.

The Senior Section presented ‘Autumn Leaves’, a play signifying the depth and steadfastness of love at the ‘autumn’ of one’s life. In addition, the Korean dance and the song by the Thai students kept the audience enthralled.

‘Winter’ from the A-level students was summarized from the adapted poem ‘The Winter of Life’. Other song and dance performances from the A-level students brought a thrilling closure to the ‘Seasons of Life’.

The Prize Distribution ceremony introduced the audience to the honourable Chief Guest Amit Chaudhuri, distinguished author. Mr. Chaudhuri in his key-note address lauded the children on their excellent performance.

The prize and scholarships were then announced and the winners felicitated.

And thus the evening ended on a note of achievement.


26 February 2011 :

The Cambridge School celebrated their eighth Winterfest at the Vidya Mandir auditorium. Known for its original themes and presentations, this year’s show celebrated what the school stands for, ‘the coming together of the world’.

The Winterfest was opened by the Principal, Mrs. Nonda Chatterjee, who welcomed guests, students and families in her usual inimitable warm way as she made each individual member of the school community…students, staff and parents…feel valued and loved.

The primary section presented ‘Birds of a Feather’, an endearing combination of two much-loved tales of Tuntuni and The Ugly Duckling. Despite being small in size, they drove home the point that great talent can come in the smallest sizes, and that you are what you believe yourself to be. 

The junior section took us into the heart of the African wilderness with ‘Red Africa’, bringing to light the current situation through pulsating, colorful dances and very impressive acting by the young ones. Significant issues of land being snatched from the aborigines and animals killed by hunters, disrupting the natural cycle of life were addressed as the tribals stood up for their rights.

And from Africa we were transported to South America through ‘The Treasure Hunt’. Written by the students of the middle school, the play was an enthralling story of five friends traveling across Latin America, in search of a modern El Dorado. And reflecting the rich and colourful cultures of the countries they travelled through, there was music, dance, food and fun. Soccer fans had their share of excitement with an on-stage soccer match. But behind the fun, there was this underlying moral that treasure need not always be material but it could also be the diverse experiences presented to one through life.

Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th birth anniversary was commemorated by the high school students who presented his poem ‘Bharat Tirtha’.

It was a part of a larger presentation, named ‘Rhythms Around the World’, that had Indians welcoming the Koreans, Thai and the peoples of the West to our fabulous land. Celebrating the deep and diverse culture of India through various forms like Bharatnatyam, Rabindrik and Kathak, we honored the guru by fulfilling his dream of the world coming together.

The Koreans presented one of their breathtakingly beautiful traditional dances ‘Onara’ and then showcased a time shift to the present where their culture is now influenced by the West. Similarly, the Thai group presented ‘Ponglang’, a traditional dance, after which they presented Thai-Pop. The Western Group saw the coming together of the age-old ballroom, ballet and modern hip-hop. Side by side with these mesmerizing performances by the seniors, we were rest assured that even though times are changing that there will always be respect for our cultures and mostly, we will stand together as one.

The A Levels got the audience to ‘Twist and Twirl’ to the sounds of the new age. Broadway, Bollywood, Hip-Hop all in one stage, with a flamboyant display of talent and creativity. It was, at the same time, a comment on the modern world, underscoring individuality and the spirit of freedom, which the school encourages all the way.

The Prize Distribution ceremony introduced the audience to the honorable chief guest for the evening, Professor Krishna Bose, distinguished educationist and member of the illustrious Netaji Subhas Bose family. An accomplished writer, parliamentarian and academician herself, she gave a few insights, during her speech, into the importance of discipline in a student’s life along with education.

The prizes and scholarships were then announced and students felicitated by Prof Bose on their academic achievements. And on a note of achievement with greater success waiting to be achieved, the evening came to an end.


17 September 2010 :

TCS students have again triumphed by winning Cambridge Brilliance Awards. This years winners are Anwesha Majumdar in Sociology and Raunaq Bagchi in Computing. This is the third consecutive year that TCS students have achieved these distinctions

TCS warmly congratulates the toppers!


13 February 2010 :

The seventh WinterFest of The Cambridge School held at Vidya Mandir, celebrated the story of evolution. And through their presentations the three sections of the school – the junior, middle and senior schools depicted the progression of the three historical periods - the ancient, the medieval and the modern.

The Principal, Mrs. Nonda Chatterjee, welcomed parents to the programme at the outset and referred to the many academic distinctions achieved by students and the plans for the coming year which include offering undergraduate courses of the London School of Economics.

The opening sequence by the kindergarten recreated the prehistoric world of dinosaurs of different shapes and sizes and chronicles the tale of their extinction. We were also introduced to the Nutcracker Man leading a wild and happy existence, but leaving a wealth of advice for the citizens of today.

The Junior School presented five great ancient civilizations that shaped the modern world - the Mesopotamian, the Egyptian, the Chinese, the Aryan and the Greek. Each of these were represented by vibrant and colourful dances to some very characteristic music belonging to each of these peoples. Along the way, the distinctive features and unique contributions of each are highlighted.

At this point there was a very impressive martial arts display by three young Korean students to mark the passing of a period and the birth of another.

The Middle School took a different look at the medieval world, throwing a few characters together in a spirited interaction and looking at them through modern lenses. The presentation was a mini-musical, drawing inspiration from some of the greatest hits of Broadway, but served with a dash of tongue-in-cheek humour.

In a wonderful cocktail of varied elements the IGCSEs took a look at the modern world. The journey of the earth from the first breath of creation when the elements were busy stirring life into the planet, to the continuing drama of the modern human mind, the saga continues endlessly…

And amidst all this passage of time the joy of loving is a constant, one that has nurtured mankind through the ages. The A-levels give expression to this joy through a riot of music and dance.

Many prizes, awards and scholarships were then given away by the Chief Guest, Mr Aniruddha Roychowdhury, whose film ‘Antaheen’ was recently nominated as the best film of the year.

Among the winners were three recipients of Cambridge Brilliance Awards, conferred by the University of Cambridge, UK for scoring the top marks in India in five subjects.  Students who won the Cambridge Brilliance Awards were the felicitated.  The Cambridge Brilliance Awards are given by Cambridge University, UK, to candidates who score the highest marks in different subjects in board-exams.  There are more than 200 Cambridge-affiliated schools in India including such well-known ones as Dhirubhai Ambani World School, Ecole Mondial and the Mallya Aditi World School.  These awards therefore are great achievements ~ this year, as many as three TCS students have been given these Cambridge Brilliance Awards for scoring the highest marks in India in as many as five subjects. 

The programme ended by felicitating Rudrajit Banerjee, recipient of the first Manmohan Singh scholarship.  The Manmohan Singh Undergraduate Scholarship programme was established in 2009 in honour of India’s Prime Minister who graduated from the University of Cambridge with a First in Economics in the late 1950s, and who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University in 2006. The Scholarship is awarded to students who have received an offer of a place at the University of Cambridge. The Scholarship programme will provide full funding, covering fees and means-tested maintenance for undergraduate study at the University of Cambridge, and was launched to provide financial assistance to exceptional students in India.


07 February 2010 :

Attention Alumni – There is now an alumni-run TCS Alumni Group on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=258253198587&ref=ts which you can join.  For more info, you can write to Devavrat Oza, Class of 2008, at DevavratOza@gmail.com  

02 February 2010 :

Rudrajit Banerjee, Class of 2008, is the proud recipient of The Manmohan Singh Undergraduate Scholarship.  The programme was established in 2009 in honour of India’s Prime Minister who graduated from the University of Cambridge with a First in Economics in the late 1950s, and who was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University in 2006. The Scholarship is awarded to students who have received an offer of a place at the University of Cambridge.

The Scholarship programme will provide full funding, covering fees and means-tested maintenance for undergraduate study at the University of Cambridge for three students from India every year, of which Rudrajit is one in this very first year of the scholarship.


16 January 2010 :

The second book and maiden novel of Mrs. Nonda Chatterjee, Principal, TCS Calcutta, has been published to critical acclaim. More information about the book and the author is available at www.niyogibooks.com/glpcat/clnt_cat_ep.pl?pcid=61641&cloc=10147456_10409114_11158852


09 October 2009 :

TCS announces the opening of its first branch school at Guwahati, Assam. The academic session will commence on 5th April 2010 with classes Nursery – VII.

Career-seekers, prospective guardians and all others interested in association with TCS Guwahati can connect with us at TCSGuwahati@thecambridgeschool.ac.in, or at The Cambridge School, Beside Sarusajai Stadium ,Guwahati – 781 034.


30 September 2009 :

TCS students have again triumphed by winning Cambridge Brilliance Awards. They secured the highest marks in India in five subjects spread across the three streams of Science, Business Studies & Humanities.

The winners are Kabir Shaw for AS Level Economics & Accounting, Rohini Bhose for AS Level Psychology & English Literature and Ayush Toolsidass for A Level Computing.

TCS warmly congratulates the toppers!


10 June 2009 :

Both Calcutta University and Jadavpur University are accepting predicted grades from CIE affiliated-schools for admission to their colleges from this academic year. Calcutta University has formally notified CIE of the decision of its decision by its letter dated Eq/130/O.U dated 05.08.08 which can be downloaded here.

The acceptability of predicted grades by Jadavpur University is referred (Point No, 11) here.


31 January 2009:

A colourful mosaic of plays, dances and musical performances by the students of classes Nursery through 12 marked the sixth Winterfest of The Cambridge School, held on Saturday, 31st January at Uttam Mancha. The theme this year was Mythasia and each presentation connected with the theme in many different ways.

The evening began with a musical by the school band with a medley of song and musical pieces. Mrs. Nonda Chatterjee, Principal then gave her welcome address in which she drew attention to the outstanding academic achievements by the students of the school in the board examinations. The chief guest for the evening was the widely popular film actor Mr. Sabyasachi Chakrabarty who told the audience with disarming candour that he was an average student in the school. He many things to say about the present improved system of education and the extra-bright children of today!

The very first presentation was the Ramayana by the children of the Nursery and the Kindergarten and they straightaway stole the hearts of the audience (and most of show too) with the spirited rendition of the age old epic. From Jatayu who so enjoyed his fight with Ravana that he refused to die, to the clash of titans with Ram and Ravana battling each other holding onto to their dangerously-close-to-coming-undone dhotis, the TCS babies were simply adorable!

The Junior School enacted a beautiful Thai myth called the Sunbird, about a mythical sunbird who is imprisoned by a vain neurotic king and then freed by a group of children. A swirling colourful rainbow dance rounded off a perfectly flawless presentation. The Middle School journeyed further east and brought on stage an old Korean creation myth about the origin of the sun and the moon. A simple story was embellished with a mix of traditional and modern dances… a breathtakingly beautiful fan dance, a creative and spirited torch dance and a spectacular sword dance. The villain of the piece, a bloodthirsty tiger, gave a rip-roaring performance.

Moving on to the Senior School, classes 8 – 10 scripted and staged a modern myth. The Sign, which was an interesting interaction between the world of humans and spirits and contained a message for humans to take stock of the harm they were causing the environment. The dialogues were thought provoking and the costumes colourful and creative. Then an absolutely delightful dance, to the hugely popular number Pretty Girl, was performed by a group of girls from class 9. The choreography, fluid movements and total involvement made his a real treat of an item.

The AS section (Year 11) took the audience to the Day of Judgement with their play prophetically titled "The Apocalyse." Good and evil, in symbolic white and black, confronted each other to redeem a "lost" soul …and then threw up some powerful performances.

In the last section, the show came full circle with the A2 (year 12) going back to the Ramayana and giving voice to Sita in conjunction with Draupadi form the Mahabharata. Their anguished cries of injustice echoed with the hurt helplessness of woman down the ages. In complete contrast was a very modern interpretation of Cupid and Psyche's experience of Love at first Sight – fun to the last effervescent bubble!

Every year the Winterfest concludes by rewarding academic achievement through prizes and scholarships. This year the trophies were given away at the beginning by the chief guest and the rest of the prizes were given away by the Principal at the end of the show.  


26 November 2008 :

Keshav Bhajanka, Class of 2007, has topped Finance at Warwick University and has won the prestigious first prize sponsored by UBS.  He is featured at http://wbs.ac.uk/news/releases/2008/11/04/Three/WBS/undergraduates


24 November 2008 :

Avelo Roy, Class of 2005, is winner of a $ 25,000 grand prize and the "audience favorite" award at Entrepreneur Idol, held at Northwestern University. The innovative business that he is co-founded is featured at http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/chi-mon-minding-young-entreprenenov24,0,7225548.story


20 November 2008 :

As many of four of our students at A Levels have received the first ever Cambridge Brilliance Awards by securing the highest marks in India in four subjects spread across the three streams of Science, Business Studies & Humanities.

The winners are Chandan Agarwal for A Level Accounting, Rudrajit Banerjee for A Level Physics, Traon Pongsopon for AS Level Psychology and Ayush Toolsidass for AS Level Computing.

This is a very significant achievement, given that Cambridge has more than 210 affiliated schools in India now including such long-established and prestigious ones as Dhirubhai Ambani World School. Ecole Mondiale, International School Bangalore, Hebron School Ooty, and Mallya Aditi International School.  It is certainly the first time that an international school from the city has achieved such distinction.

TCS warmly congratulates the toppers!


20 March 2008 :

School Magazine Site launched
The Cambridge Times, the school magazine, is now online at www.thecambridgetimes.net Please visit and leave your feedback!


2 February 2008 :

The 5th Annual Winter Fest of The Cambridge School began with much pomp and gaiety on 2nd February, Saturday, at Uttam Mancha. Environmental Awareness was the theme for the event.

The welcome address given by Mrs. Nonda Chatterjee, Principal, reviewed the attainments of students in a year of distinctive academic achievements.  She also related to the audience the story behind the environmental awareness theme and how the entire school had come together to contribute.  She finished by outlining plans for the ongoing year which include a web-based student magazine, the use of more digital resources in teaching, and a possible tie-up with another school in another country.

The keynote address was then delivered by the noted environmentalist Mr. Subash Dutta. He narrated his experience in fighting for green causes and advised students to do their own little bit in many different ways to save the environment.  He also clarified his role in the ongoing saga about the relocation of the book fair.

The first item of the evening was performed by Classes Nursery, Lower and Upper Kindergarten.  They sang Earth Songs - Happy Earth, Sad Earth & Save Earth – and enjoyed themselves thoroughly when doing so!

Classes I - V then enthusiastically performed a play called ' The Crazy Scientist '. The play was about how a scientist who has been locked-up by the authorities because she was trying to conserve the environment. The kids helped her out of the lock-up and supported her cause.

'Loot', a Mimes, Music, and Dance sequence was a splendid performance by Classes VI, VII, & VIII.  'Loot' was about how the earth is being ransacked and depleted. Students danced beautifully to the tune of a bengali folk song.

It was followed by 'Is Reconstruction Possible?’ performed by girls of class VIII who danced to the famous western number 'Superstar', and the boys who moved to the beats of the popular Ricky Martin track 'Drop It On Me'.

Staying with the theme of Global Warming, students of Class IX recited a poem, Pollution Galore! They had written the poem themselves and it was about pollution, its causes and effects.

'The Village', a play, was then enacted by Classes IX and X. This play grew out of the daily discussion on current affairs, particularly the land-grab situations prevailing in West Bengal, during Assembly. The script was directed and written by the school’s drama teacher, Shuktara Lal, and the students.

The 'A' Levels the performed the Tandav dance - the dance of destruction. The students choreographed the dance themselves and it was perhaps the best, almost professional, performance of the evening.

The finale was a play written, directed and starring the students of 'A' Levels.  It was a witty and unconventional take on consumerism and its effect on the global climate featuring a mesmerising PowerPoint presentation on Santa Claus and his elves The play showed how the spirit of Christmas had gradually changed into a feast of consumerism.

 The evening ended on a high note when prizes and scholarships were handed out. In a novel initiative the school has managed to involve various stakeholders - guardians, corporates (State Bank of India and Cambridge University Press), trustees, and even the Principal and Senior Teachers – in sponsoring many prizes for students.  The numbers of scholarships have also been increased by the school. 


2 February 2008 :

The current year's scholarships have been awarded to:  
For The Churchill Scholarship in Humanities: Winner 2007-2008
Ayush Toolsidass
For The Keynes Scholarship in Business Studies: Winner 2007-2008
Rohan Joel Satyavrata
For The Nehru Scholarship in Humanities: Winners 2007-2008         Deboleena Kanjilal &
Fariha Imran

The school has also Instituted a new scholarship in 2008.  This scholarship is awarded to the student/s showing the highest academic achievements at the IGCSEs (Class X).  Like other scholarships, all fees are waived for one year.Winner 2007-2008 - Nusrat Jahan


In a novel initiative the school has involved various stakeholders - trustees, guardians, corporates, and even the Principal and Senior Teachers – in sponsoring special prizes of Rs. 5,000/= for students. In 2008, the winners are:

For Name Donated by
Academic Excellence in Humanities in Class X Joint winners are:
Aakriti Jhunjhunwala (Rs.2500/) &
Namrata Deashi (Rs.2500/)

Guardian Mr Thatree Chauvachata

Consistent & distinctive effort in Business subjects at A levels Sourabh Biswas (Rs. 5000/-) State Bank of India
Consistent & distinctive effort in Science subjects at A levels Joint winners are:
Vineet Mrug (Rs. 2500/-) & Aye Mon Paing (Rs. 2500/-)
Cambridge Univerity Press India Pvt Ltd
Consistent & distinctive effort in Humanities subjects at A levels Joint winners are:
Ayesha Das (Rs. 2500/-)  & Jahnavi Ghosh (Rs. 2500/-)
Anonymously by a guardian of the school
Principal's and Senior Teachers' Award for responsibility,dedication & academic distinction Joint winners are:
Helen Kim (Rs. 2500/-) & Riddhi Jhunjhunwala (Rs. 2500/-)
Principal & Senior teachers:
Mrs. Krishna Sen &
Mrs. Malobika Basu
Trustee's award for showing the best all-round development in academics and co-curricular activities Joint winners are:
Devavrat Oza (Rs. 2500/-) &
Uttama Bose (Rs. 2500/-)

27 November 2007:

Earth Call
The fruit of three months of labour culminated in a series of exciting events on Friday, November 23. The whole of The Cambridge School — right from the Kindergarten to Class XII — participated in a global warming awareness programme initiated by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

The programme kicked off with an enthusiastic song-and-dance performance by the neighbourhood children, along with students of Classes XI and XII. This was followed by Classes V-VII providing creative interpretation of the deterioration of the environment, while students of Class IX conveyed their message and concerns involving the many dangers via elocution and songs. Classes I to IV took part in a walk to warn people about the dangers of global warming.

A large portion of the learning experience was recorded on innovative models and charts, displayed on the school boards and tables. Concluding the programme were computer presentations made by Classes VIII and X focusing on global warming worldwide, its adverse effects and means of prevention in our city and daily lives.


18 September 2007:

Keshav Bhajanka, who graduated from The Cambridge School in June 2007, has been awarded a prize and a scholarship by The University of Cambridge, UK, for being the top male candidate in India to score the highest marks across three Cambridge International A Levels. 

Keshav studied Economics, Accounting, Mathematics and Business Studies at A Levels at The Cambridge School and is delighted by the recognition. 

The Cambridge School prides itself on its high academic standards and congratulates Keshav for his extraordinary performance.


14 May 2007:

The 2006-2007 academic year ended with a party on the last day of the session for the juniors who had a great time. Magic shows, talent contests and a picnic lunch for the whole school added to the carnival spirit.

A farewell party for the graduating class of TCS was held at The Bengal Club on Friday, 27th April. Students have secured admission and scholarship offers from top-notch universities in the UK and USA as usual,but have this year also opted for medical courses in China and Business Management degrees in Canada.

A number of them have also applied for admission to several reputed Indian colleges like Symbiosis, Fergusson, St. Xavier's College and Jadavpur University.
We wish them all the best."


25 February 2007:

The Cambridge School celebrated the 4th Cambridge WinterFest on Sunday 25th February, 2007 at Uttam Manch.
The fest was held on a Ray theme this year with students enacting
Tuntuni's Golpo, Goopy Gain Bagha Bayen and Hirok Rajar Deshe.  All in English for the first time.
Renowned actors
Soumitra Chatterjee & Barun Chanda were  present and spoke very highly of the quality of the productions.
Teachers and students whole-heartedly contributed to make the WinterFest a grand success.
The program concluded with the awards ceremony of various scholarships and prizes.  
Md. Abdullah Al Nasser who secured three A's in Physics, Chemistry and Maths at A Levels was specially felicitated both by the School and University of Cambridge.


1 November 2006: 

TCS has tied up with Mygradebook for online grade management, School-Home Communication, Reports, and attendance records Mygradebook is used by a large number of schools in the USA and will now help TCS students, parents and teachers to substantially improve communication and the quality of education.  The online access enables students (and parents) to check attendance and scholastic records including scores for tests and assignments from anywhere, anytime.  Students can also take online tests assigned to them by their teachers and turn in their assignments online.  Parents and teachers can also communicate seamlessly.  With this step, TCS joins schools at the cutting-edge of technology in education.


4 September 2006: 

Mrs. Nonda Chatterjee, Principal, was awarded the Cambridge Inspirational Teacher award.  Awarded by Cambridge for the first time in India, Mrs. Chatterjee was chosen for this honour from a large number of contenders.  In his congratulatory message, William Bickerdike, Regional Director, South Asia, University of Cambridge International Examinations, said : 'University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) had the honour and privilege of presenting Mrs Nonda Chatterjee with the Cambridge Inspirational Teacher Award on 4 September 2006. Mrs Chatterjee was nominated for the outstanding quality of her teaching, which has inspired her students over many years. CIE congratulates Mrs Chatterjee on her superb achievement.”


A K-12 international school affiliated to Cambridge International Examinations, University of Cambridge, U.K.



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